Broncos Men's Futsal Team Wins Silver Medal at ACAC Championship

Broncos Men's Futsal Team Wins Silver Medal at ACAC Championship

On Sunday evening in Lloydminster, the Keyano Huskies narrowly edged the Olds College Broncos 2-1 in penalty kicks to win the ACAC Championship. 

The Broncos, undefeated in the tournament before the game after defeating Medicine Hat 2-0, Augustana 6-2, Kings 3-2 and Lakeland 5-2, took home the silver medal after the defeat. 

The medal is just Olds' second ever, with the last medal coming in 2012 when they edged the Huskies for the bronze. 

After the tournament, Landon Murphy and Julio Meirelles were named to the first tournament All-Star Team.

Broncos soccer/futsal player Daniel Ribeiro de-Abreu gave a full recap in his own words of the proceedings: 

"The team played really well. The fist game was against Medicine Hat; they were the defending champions and one of the favourites in the tournament. We were able to beat them 2-0 and hold a strong defence against their pass-minded game style. 
Against Augustana we didn't play that well at the start of the game. It was supposed to be one of the easier games, but we had to play our strongest lineup as we were tied at 2 for a long time. In the last 10 minutes or so of the match we were able to score another 4 goals and finish the game 6-2.
The Kings games was a lot of defence as well. They needed to win by a lot against us if they wanted to make to the semi finals, so from the beginning of the game they brought their goalie to play outfield. They had most of the possession, but we were able to score in counter attacks and hold our shape against 5 outfield players. That match ended 3-2.
We proceeded to face Lakeland in the semi-finals as we were first place in our pool (Lakeland was 2nd in theirs). We dominated them from the beginning of the match and won 5-2.
The final was a very exciting game, Keyano has really good players and are 4th in the country for soccer. We started off down 1-0, but came back and tied the game. In overtime we scored the first goal, making it 2-1, but from a corner kick the Huskies tied the game. Off to shootouts we went... Unfortunately all thee of our kickers lost their penalties. The score of the match did not represent the game, we feel like we should have won as we had more dangerous opportunities, but that's what makes soccer so thrilling. No one would expect Olds, a team that just 3 years ago would get dominated every game and lose by scores like 8-0, to be in the futsal finals against one of the best teams in the country. That's why we love this game. 
For my penalty I got nervous. I had to score to keep us alive, so I decided to go with a hard shot. That is something I have to take out of this loss. The team as a whole missed a lot of chances, but I had a lot of good ones that I could have capitalized on. I know I have a hard shot and I rely a lot on it, but it isn't always the best option in the shootout. Living and learning."