Mission & Values


For the Department of Athletics at Olds College, our vision is simple: Create a community culture of academic and athletic excellence.

Mission Statements

The mission of the Department of Athletics at Olds College is to create value for the student-athletes, the Department of Athletics and Olds College by:

  • Supporting a positive student-athletes’ experience in academics, athletics, leadership and citizenship;
  • Developing a culture where people are passionate about the welfare and success of others and where everyone strives for excellence;
  • Creating revenue and fundraising opportunities that ensure the growth and sustainability of the Department of Athletics;
  • Projecting a positive brand image of Broncos Athletics. Our brand is who we are. 

Core Values

The values held within the Department of Athletics and the subsequent behaviours and beliefs of stakeholders will ultimately shape the culture of the department, its staff, coaches and student-athletes. These values are:

Integrity – We expect everyone to be honest and forthright. We communicate in a transparent manner and we always do what is right.

Accountability – We take ownership for our role within Broncos Athletics, the campus and the community. We are all responsible and accountable for the direction and success of our programs.

Pride – We are proud to be part of the Broncos Athletics family and we fully support each other’s goals and aspirations.

Passion – We are driven in our commitment to achieving excellence.

Collaboration – We are good corporate citizens and we work with the campus and community stakeholders to bring everyone success.

Excellence – We strive to be the best that we can be in everything that we do.